Are there different constitutional isomers for C3H4Cl2 ?

Also are there any cis/trans isomers with this formula? And are there different conformers with this formula? (If so how many?)

There are FIVE constitutional isomers (constitutional, meaning the connections between atoms are different. This ignores geometric isomers and stereoisomers, wherein the orientation of atoms about a particular atom is also considered).

The constitutional isomers are:
1) CCl2=CHCH3
2) CH2=CHCHCl2
3) CH2=CClCH2Cl
4) CHCl=CClCH3

(4) and (5) each will have geometric isomers (cis- and trans- forms). (3) may produce a conformational isomer, due to the hindered rotation about the C2-C3 bond (the Cl's on adjacent C's get in each other's way).
there are two constitutional isomers, one where you have a methyl and hydrogen connect to one carbon of the 2x bond with both chlorines connected to the other carbon. one where you have one chlorine and one hydrogen connected to the one carbon and one chlorine and one methyl group connected to the others. There are no cis/trans isomers in this case. I definitely deserve best answer for this one haha
Common forms
CHCl=CCl-CH2 (cis and trans)
CHCl=CH-CH2Cl (cis and trans)

Less common, due to steric hindrance

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