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Propene, C3H6, reacts with hydrogen bromide, HBr.
What are the 2 possible products??

a) 1-bromopropane Br-CH2-CH2-CH3.
b) 2-bromopropane CH3-CHBr-CH3.

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I dont quiet get what your saying but http://www.factmonster.com/index.html... has got alot of things so if you check it out in the search you might be able to find out
CH2Br CH2 CH3 1-bromopropane or
CH3 CHBr CH3 2-bromopropane
I think there will be only one solution:
CBr6 + 3.5 H2
.H CH3
.| ..|
H-C=C-H + H-Br

This will be an addition reaction whereby H and Br will be added unto the double bond. you might get 2 different products because Br can be added to C1(-CH2) or C2 (-CH-CH3):

...H CH3
H-C-C-H ...(2-bromopropane)
...H Br ... Or

...H CH3
H-C-C-H ...(1-bromopropane)
...Br H

Note that product is now saturated, hence the name ends with -ane.

1-Bromo-1-Propene; CH2Br - CH = CH2

3-Bromo-1-propene; CH2 = CH - CH2Br

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