Can a solution with undissolved solute be supersaturated?

No, it's only saturated. If you have any solute left anything dissolved beyond the saturation level of the solvent would crash out. The undisolved solute is a seed and the excess solute will crash out
Yes. At a given temperature and pressure, there is a practical limit to how supersaturated a solution can become. Beyond that concentration, you get undissolved solute.

Example: no matter how careful you are, you cannot dissolve 5 kilos of sugar in a glass of water. It will supersaturate, and then you will start getting a syrupy sludge with crystallization in it.
I think so by adjusting temperature and pressure
If you try to stir it and slightly heat it, and if it dissolves, then it is probably not supersaturated. To make a solution supersaturated, you need to dissolve more solute than what the liquid can hold at a given temperature, heat it to a higher temperature and then cool it fast to prevent the precipitation of the excess solute.
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AN AQUEOUS SOLUTION is a Physical-Chemical System where Water acts as Solvent against a Solute (e.g. Salt).
Since Solution results as an HOMOGENEOUS SYSTEM, there isn't any difference inside itself.
Usually, you form a Salt's Aqueous Solution by dissolving some Salt's Spoons or few more matter in Deionized Water : it will result an UNSATURATED SOLUTION since it will dissolve more other salt-spoons.
The Dissolvement's Power would stop when you proceed to add increasing Salt's Amounts or YOU DIMINUTE SOLUTION's TEMPERATURE.
The latter fashion may lead to SATURATED SOLUTIONs or SUPERSATURATED ONEs : the former are EQUILIBRIUM's SYSTEMs, the second ones aren't.
So, in order to form SATURATED SOLUTIONs you may obtain undissolved solute.

In order to form SUPERSATURATED SOLUTIONs you have to use FREEZE APPARATUS to avoid any EQUILIBRIUM PHENOMENA, e.g. the crystalization-germs : if precipitation occurs, you will obtain not SUPERSATURATED SYSTEMs.
I hope this could be clear.

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