How do we determine the concentratin of a substance by thermochemistry?

say for example,,
with NaOH,,

concentration of NaOH is 1.20 mol/dm^3

if needed--

10 cm^3 of both-- initial temperature--30 degrees C,,after adding--34 degrees C,,

20 cm^3 of both-- intial temperature--30 degrees C,,after adding--36 degrees C

30 cm^3 of both--initial temperature--30 degrees C,,after adding-- 36.5 degrees

40 cm^3 of both--initial temperature--30 degrees C,,after adding-- 37 degrees C

just wanna know whats the formula,,or if possible the answer too,,
plss help me,,
tomorro my teacher is gonna ask me,,,

this is all i can come up with.....sorry

i hope it helps a bit

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