Characteristics of mixture?

what are the characteristics of mixture?...

A mixture is the same as a solution. Just depends on what you are solvating. Mixtures always have lower vapor pressures than their previous individual components. Mixtures also have a lower freezing point for the same reason. There is more "stuff" in the mixture that requires more heat to separate the bonds into another phase such as boiling/vaporization. A mixture can be filtered with particles larger than 1000 nano meters in diameter. Mixtures with smaller particle sizes can not be filtered. Some can be separated due to density differences such as boiling salt
water (NaCl) to make the water evaporate, leaving behind the
denser NaCl. NaCl is an ionic bond compared to a polar bond of water. As what they said, they can be homogeneous or heterogeneous. :)
What do you mean??
mixtures can still be seperated, unlike solutions.
Mixtures do not have a constant composition.

Mixtures can be separated by mechanical techniques such as filtering, distilling or use of the centrifuge. This also includes picking a mixture apart, say one with rocks and seeds in it.

Mixtures can be either heterogeneous or homogeneous.

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