How do you separate barium chloride from calcium sulfate?

BaCl2 (aq) + CaSO4 (aq) --> BaSO4 (s) + CaCl2 (aq)

Add barium chloride to water and dissolve. In another beaker, add calcium sulfate to water and dissolve.

Next, mix the two solutions together. Barium sulfate is insoluble while calcium chloride is soluble. The barium sulfate will precipitate and the calcium chloride will remain in solution.

Filter, rinse with water, let dry.

You can then heat the calcium chloride solution to evaporate the water and retrieve the solid.
Take a block of barium chloride and a fine chisel. With a leather maul no more than .02 kilograms and less than 4mm diameter, very carefully chip away anything that looks like calcium sulfate.

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