What is Cellular Cytoplasm primarily composed of?


water! the interior of the cell is mostly made up of an aqueous solution containing ions, sugars, proteins and mRNA amoungst many other molecules. The walls of the cytoplasm - the cell membranes are made up of lipid bilayers

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Cytoplasm is a water-like substance that fills cells. The cytoplasm consists of cytosol and the cellular organelles, except the cell nucleus. The cytosol is made up of water, salts, organic molecules and many enzymes that catalyze reactions. The cytoplasm plays an important role in a cell, serving as a "molecular chowder" in which the organelles are suspended and held together by a fatty membrane. It is found within the plasma membrane of a cell and surrounds the nucleus and envelopes the organelles.

Differences between the animal and plant cytoplasms:
While all cells possess cytoplasm, cells from different biological domains can differ widely in the characteristics of their cytoplasms. In the animal kingdom, cytoplasm occupies nearly half the cell's volume, while in plant cells, the cytoplasm occupies much less space because of the presence of vacuoles.

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