Is amphetamine soluble in water?

Thanks in advance.

No, pharmaceutical amphetamines - in their manufactured form - are NOT water soluble.

While medications such as Adderall and Dexedrine are indeed dextroamphetamine and levoamphetamine salt structures, they contain waterbinders in them because of the way they are manufactured and put in pill form. You can, however, do a filtration process to remove the waterbinders and leave behind the d-,l-amphetamine hydrochloride (HCl).

When pharmacologically speaking, amphetamines are typically referring to dextroamphetamines.

On their own (without the waterbinders), in pure d-,l-amp HCl form, yes - they are water soluble.

I hope this answers your question, and a little more :)
Pharmaceutical amphetamines are salts which are water-soluable.
Crystal meth is pure methamphetamine base, which is not soluable in water

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