Write formulas for the conjugate bases for each of these acids?

? H30+ Cl-
b) CH4

c) HSO3-

d) H2SO4
?? H3O+ SO4^2-

e) NH3

f) HClO4

a) HCl ===> Cl-, which is the conjugate base

b) CH4 ===> CH3- The methyl carbanion, or methide, occurs in some organic compounds, like methyllithium, CH3Li

c) HSO3- ===> SO3=

d) H2SO4 ===> HSO3-

e) NH3 ===> NH2- There really are compounds like sodium amide, NaNH2

f) HClO4 ===> ClO4-
gosh... u expect ppl to do yr homework??

just reduce each of the compound u listed, that is separate a H+ ion from each of the compound and add the charge accordingly like the example u made.

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