Anions is the strongest base?

Thanks in adavance. This type of questions always trip me up on tests. Basically Im being asked which of the following anions is the strongest base?

How am I supposed to know? For reference Im studying pH & pOH.

in this case, ClO- is the strongest base, because HCl, HI, HClO4 are all strong acids, and even HClO3 is reasonably strong. HClO is a reasonably weak acid, so it doesnt give up hydrogen ions that easily. in water, then, it will grab onto loose H+'s and leave OH-'s behind, making it a weak base, but a base nonetheless
You have to find the weakest acid between
HClO , HClO3 , HClO4 , HCl and HI
The weakest acid gives the strongest base.
Find the Ka of these acids to get the answer

Well I find that the weakest acid is HClO : Ka = 3.2 x 10^-8

The others acids are strong acids

so the strongest base is ClO-
You need to study the pH scale. The higher the value in the pH scale, the stronger the base.

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