The common name of CH3-CH2 - O - CH2-CH3 is what?

Diethyl ether, also known as ether and ethoxyethane, is a clear, colorless, and highly flammable liquid with a low boiling point and a characteristic smell. It is an isomer of butanol. Diethyl ether has the formula CH3-CH2-O-CH2-CH3. It is used as a common solvent and has been used as a general anesthetic. Ether is sparingly soluble in water (6.9 g/100 ml).
diethyl ether
I believe it is ether, isn't it?
ethyl ether
Ethoxyethane (systematic name)
common name is diethyl ether, I believe
diethyl ether... But seriously.. Wouldn't typing "ch3-ch2-o-ch2-ch3" into google have been much, MUCH easier?? That's what I did.
it's either ether or ethyr or dyeither ether or either of them . truth is I don't know .

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