What is the IUPAC name of CH3-O-CH2CH3?

Methoxyethane from chem database.
methyl-ethyl ether.
2-propanone .in this there is three carbon atoms thats why it is prop group and it contains keto group at second position thats why it ends with one
methyl ethyl ether
this is an ether, it has a C - O - C linkage, thus, it is not a ketone as one of the answers states. It has an ethyl (CH2CH3) and a methyl group (CH3), according to IUPAC rules, alphabetical order takes precendence, so the proper name is ethyl-methyl ether.
ethyl methyl ether
Dudes those are the common names.

The IUPAC name is methoxy ethane.
it is an ester(sweet smelling liquid) form from methanoic acid and ethanol. u called it ethyl methanoate.
Where are you guys getting ketones and esters! You need to go back to school...

methyl ethyl ether

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