Azo-dye commercial uses?

I've looked at google for the commercial uses of azo-dye but couldn't find any information.This is the question that I was set.Any help will do thank you....

Research the uses of azo-dye and try to investigate if they are currently still made and used.If they are not used in today's market can you suggest reasons why?

More than half the dyes in commercial use are azo dyes.

They are usually classed according to the fibres for which they are useful or the methods by which they are applied; direct dyes are absorbed from solution by the fibres, but others require a second solution (a mordant - basically a suspension) or a second step before the color is set (color fast).


Once the dyes are cured into the fibers they are not easily extracted out - so their use in the fibers is relatively safe to human exposure.
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