Saturated solution and equilibrium question.?

Explain how a saturated solution represents an equilibrium between the solution and any undissolved solute present.


We have to consider a system consisting of excess solid salt in contact whit its satured solution for example BaSO4 in contact with satured BaSO4 solution.
The equilibrium BaSO4<>Ba2+ + SO42- can be described by the equilibrium condition Ksp= Ba2+ SO42- where Ksp is a conentional constant except that there is no concentration term in the denominator corrisponding to the left side of chemical equation.
What Ksp means is that the concentration oh Ba2+ in the solution times the concentration of SO42- in that same solution is equal numerically to the characteristic number Ksp and this must be true for any equilibrium involving solid BaSO4, Ba2+ and SO42-.
Once the numerical value of Ksp of a given salt has been determined it can be used from there on to describe any equilibrium system in which the same ions in solution coexist with excess solid phase.
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