Describe the attractive forces and the repulsive forces that exist btween 2 atoms as the atoms move together?

several factors causes atoms to be attracted to one another. All atoms want to seek out the stable octet rule, and therefore its nucleus will be looking out for atoms that may help it gain an octet and therefore forming a bond (whether it is permanent or temporary) with the said atom. Anytime a chemical bond is formed, there is a release of energy, where causes the energy of the system (the atoms) to be lower and all things are more stable in lower energy states. However as the distance between two atoms becomes closer, their electron cloud will start repulsing one another because they are of the same charge. When the electron cloud repulsion is greater than the stability that wouldve been formed if the atoms can be closer together, the atoms pushes each other away until they obtain their maximum stability.
the forces between atoms are like those between a man and a woman. there are atractive forces, opposite sexes (usually) atract and repulsive forces same sexes ( usually ) repulse, also when two atoms get extremely close the will become one molecule, the properties of the single atoms are lost hope this helps as a guyidline in your carreer in chemistry

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