Polar or nonpolar? why?


(based on electronegativity)

You still have to draw the structure and determine the molecular shape.

H2O is polar since O is surrounded by 2 lone pairs and 2 bonds. That make bent shape and the molecule is polar.

C is surrounded by 4 Br and the shape will be tetrahedral. So CBr4 is non-polar molecule even though each C-Br bond is polar.
it's the 2:1 ratio of hyrogen(-) to oxygen)+) that makes water a polar molecular.
H2O - polar, has a net dipole moment
SBr2 - polar, has a net dipole moment
NCl3 - polar, has a net dipole moment
CBr4 - non-polar, zero dipole moment
SO3 - non-polar, zero dipole moment
CO2 - non-polar, zero dipole moment
NO3- - polar, has a net dipole moment
CHCl3 - polar, has a net dipole moment

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