How should i prepare 1 N NaOH??

1 N?
You probably meant 1 M NaOH.

You have to have 1 mole of NaOH in 1L of solution.

first, calculate the mass of one mole of NaOH.

Take a mesaure bowl, add 40 g of NaOH. Then start adding water until the volume of the solution reaches 1L.

you have 1 mole of NaOH in 1L of solution.
You have 1 M NaOH.
I guess you didnt mean 1M but as youve written 1N, that would be one normal NaOH.
Now lets see how to prepare it. First of all yo take a paper and do the calculations for it. For an easier example lets say you want to have exactly one liter of it. 1 N means you want to have one gramechvivalent of NaOH in one liter of solution. C=m/(Eg*V) where C would be the concentration (in your case its 1) m would be the grams of NaOH youd need for the solution, Eg would be the gramechvivalent (that is always Eg=M/number of electrone changed in the reaction... o, and M would be the molecular mass of NaOH, that is 40) and last V would be the volume you want to prepare. So, you calculate m because that would be what you can actually measure, m=C*Eg*V
C is 1N in your case
Weve taken V as 1l
Eg is 40/1(at NaOH that electron change number is one)
so, mwould be 1*40*1 , this means youd need 40 grams of NaOH to prepare 1 l of 1 N solution.
Now the practical side. After you have calculated how many grams do you need, you take exactly that many grams of NaOH and you make sure that you put in soem measuring "pot" :). Then you add a bit of water slowly, and stir it until all the NaOH gets dissolved. After that you add the water to reach the mark, and here you have your solution:).

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