How do you make KNO3 (saltpeter) out of urine?

i heard you can make salt peter out of urine dose anyone know how to do this

In the past they would mix urine with manure and wood ashes as well as other stuff. I think the manure and the urine would create the nitrates needed (through the decomposition of the manure) and the wood ash (which has lots of potassium carbonate in it) was used as the source of potassium. The pile of urine and manure would often have water poured over it to leach out the KNO3.

This Wikipedia article basically tells you heaps about KNO3 as well as a bit about its production in the past:

This is the patent by Joseph LeConte which was patented in the 1800s which is the methods of making saltpetre out of urine and manure:

It goes into quite alto of detail, just in case you wanted to try it :p.

Good Luck!

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