Lewis structure of calcium carbonate?

CaCo3 is a rhombohedral crystal structure therefore a unit cell is comprised of numerous units interacting. The only structure i've been able to draw is a linear electron configuration with tetrahedral geometry, however in its form cannot produce resonace hybrids whatsoever. Any suggestions

Carbon in CO3 2- ion possesses sp2 hybridisation and is trigonal planar in shape. it makes one double bond with one of the oxygen atoms and the rest 2 have one electron extra with them which gives them a negative charge.In such a state, it's electrons r involved in resonance as the structure is planar and one carbon-oxygen bond is a double bond. This results in resonance hybrids of the ion. But when Ca2+ forms an ionic bond with it, the 2 electrons r lost and hence no resonance takes place. the compound now becomes rhombohedral crystal

hope it helps.
I did not learn chemistry in English, so I don't know what do u mean. But I'll try.

Ca - O*
O^ - C = O


I can't draw it well here. But I'll explain the picture above
Ca donate two electrones to two O, one is to O* and another one to O^.

O* have a covalent bond with C.
So, there are only TWO lines from Ca.

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