Which is the best solvent for silicondioxide? SiO2?

Depends on what you want back and the conditions achievable,

quartz hydrothermal autoclave 35,900 hits

Na2CO3 or NaOH/water will do it - slow except under extreme conditions, and add LiOH to reduce trace water in recrystallized quartz.

At ambient conditons fluorides go through silica like a buzzsaw (and are remarkably destructive of flesh, too). Aqueous ammonium hydrogen bifluoride, NH4HF2, won't leap up at you, mostly.

Silica gel plus ethyene glycol plus potassium hydroxide when warmed rapidly give you the soluble bridged pentacoordinate siliconate. Sugars will also do it.


Don't try it in a glass or aluminum vessel.
NaOH or stronger bases.
depends in what amorphic form the SiO2 is. generally strong aqueous bases will dissolve silicagel, but if you have glass-better try with HF.
Silicon dioxide is basically glass and hydrofluoric acid is the best solvent for dissolving glass.
Best solvent to dissolve SiO2 is Hydrofloric acid. SiO2 readily dissolves in Hydrofluoric acid forming the gas silicon tetrafluride.
Also it is slowly attacked by concentrated phosphoric acid.

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