Properties of Unupetium (UUP) (115)?

Can someone please tell me some properties of the element UUP? Namely chemical properties, and probable uses. I need it for a school project, thanks.

probably what you're talking about is Ununpentium,
Un - one
un - one
pent - five
ium - well, just some endings which many chemical names uses.

Atomic Number = 115 (well, you should've known)
Atomic Mass = (299)  g·mol−1
Relative Atomic Mass = 288
Electron Configuration = Unknown
Predicted Elec Conf = 5f14 6d10 7s2 7p3 (guesses based on bismuth)
Type = Metallic
Electrons per shell = 2, 8, 18, 32, 32, 18, 5
half-life = 87ms
Isotopes already made = 173Uup, 288Uup, etc
Predicted Stable isotopes = 299Uup
State = Presumably Solid at room temperature

It is highly unstable. It is an artificial atom (some mad scientist found it in a lab, and nobody has yet found it existing naturally in nature). Is yet an official member of periodic table.

Probable uses:
Probably almost nothing, as it decays too fast to do anything, but a source said that the Uup could release a huge amount of energy when reacted to certain other atoms (forget which source, and forget which atom, and haven't read the article in detail). Probably the only thing that is obvious, it's uses might be to be learnt so theory from Uup could be applied to other atoms too.
Never heard of the Element Unupetium (uuP) or any element with 3 letters for the symbol.
see the link

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