A Reaction of Magnesium Nitrate and Sodium Phosphate, what are the spectator ions and percipitate?

precipitate:magnesium phosphate
spectator ions:nitrate ion(NO3-) and sodium ion(Na+)
3Mg(NO3)2(aq) + 2Na3PO4(aq) ---> 6NaNO3(aq) + Mg3(PO4)2(s)

I think thats the balanced equation, I think the magnesium phosphate precipitates out as it is less soluble than sodium nitrate.

Hence in ionic form:

3Mg^2+(aq) + 6NO3^-(aq) + 6Na^+(aq) + 2PO4^3-(aq) --> 6Na^+(aq) + 6NO3^-(aq) + Mg3(PO4)2(s)

We can cancel the ions which appear on both sides:

hence overall: 3Mg^2+(aq) + 2PO4^3-(aq) --> Mg3(PO4)2(s)

The spectators are the ones not in the final ionic reaction = 6NO3^-(aq) and 6Na^+(aq)
3Mg(NO3)2 + 2Na3PO4 -----> Mg3(PO4)2 + 6NaNO3

3Mg + 6NO3 + 6Na + 2PO4 --> 3Mg + 2PO4 + 6Na + 6NO3

spectator Ions are those that don't participate in the reaction or take a chemical change that stay in solution, don't change. They would be Na and NO3 because they stay dissolved in the solution, the ones that don't dissolve is the precipitate which is 3Mg(PO4)2. Does this make sense? Spectator ions are basically the ones that stay dissolved in the reactants AND the products and they don't change chemically. :)

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