Could I get some help with balancing this redox equation?

PbO2 + Sb + NaOH = PbO + NaSbO2 + H2O

The balanced equation would be:

3 PbO2 + 2 Sb + 2 NaOH --> 3 PbO + 2 NaSbO2 + H2O

Since it is redox, you can't just balance the atoms. You also have to balance charge.

Pb is reduced from +4 to +2. Sb is oxidized from 0 to +3. To balance the charge, you need to have three Pb's getting a total of 6 electrons and two Sb's giving away a total of 6 electrons.
PbO2 + 2Sb + 2NaOH = PbO + 2NaSbO2 + H2O

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