Is Pyridine an aromatic compound ?Please explain?

Yes, it is (Tony has listed the criteria as found in ref 1 NS 2)

The ring structure has an electronic configuration that is more stable than would be expected; similar to benzene.

There are odd aromatic compounds; years ago I helped A. Ashe at U of MI synthesize "stannabenzene" - an aromatic compound with 'tin in the ring.'

see references.
Yes it is, it follows all of the rules for aromaticity

1. It's flat
2. It's got a contiguous set of p-orbitals (all sp2 centers)
3. It follows huckels rules for aromatic compounds - the numer of electrons in the p-system must be 4n+2 for an aromatic compoud (in this case it's 6)
4. It's cylcic
Yes pyridine is aromatic. It follows the 4n + 2 rule where n has to equal an integer. Since it has 6 pi electrons therefore n = 1 (4 x 1 + 2 = 6). The lone pair of electrons do not contribute to pyridine's aromaticity because the lone pair's molecular orbitals are not geometrically situated properly. Hope this helps.
yes, pyridine is an aromatic compound since it possesses the "benzene ring" in its chemical structure

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