Can anyone think of a good slogan for sulfur?

its 4 project so must be creative

Sulfur...It's a gas!
How about "yellow fart powder".
"All the aroma of a fart without the effort."
LOL yellow fart powder is funny!
Did you know sulfur is essential to all living cells? How about "sulfur, the stench of life".
How about:

"Sulphur - The OTHER source of rotten egg smell"

hee,hee,hee...I Kill me...
"fart powder"?

Actually, sulfur (in the elemental form) has a faint odor similar to that of matches.

It's doesn't smell as bad as you would think.

So, "fart powder". I would say no.
Sulfur - Thousands of Soddomites and Gommoreans can't be wrong!
Mercaptans are
a smelly lot
I think it's found
in egg rot

flowers of sulfur
that's just bunk
cause sulfur's what causes
a stinky skunk we go:

S: Sixteen (atomic number)
U: Unaltered (because it's an element. duh. lol)
L: Lights matches ;)
F: Freezes at 115 degrees celcius (when molten)
U: Ultimately yellow


R: Red above 200 degrees c.
"'s a gas", sounds good to me.

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