Whats the name of the compound SnO2?

And also:Indium oxide contains 4.784 g of indium for every 1.000 g of oxygen. In 1869, when Mendeleev first presented his version of the periodic table, he proposed the formula In2O3 for indium oxide. Before that time it was thought that the formula was InO. What values for the atomic mass of indium are obtained using these two formulas? Assume that oxygen has an atomic mass of 16.00.

The formulas:


SnO2 = Stannic Oxide or Tin Oxide.

Atomic Mass of Indium = x
Atomic Mass of Oxygen = 16
Molecular Mass of Indium in Indium Oxide In2O3 = 2x
Molecular Mass of Oxygen in Indium Oxide In2O3= 48
2x/48 = 4.784/1
x = 114.816.

Molecular Mass of Indium in Indium Oxide InO = x
Molecular Mass of Oxygen in Indium Oxide InO= 16
x/16 = 4.784/1
x = 76.544.
stannous oxide (aka tin oxide)
SnO2 is Stanic Oxide (Valency of Tin here is 4)
Tin has also a valency of 2 and the compound SnO is called Stanous Oxide.
For In2O3 it is 115.8 and for InO it is 76.5
tin oxide

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