Try and see, because i know nothing in chemistry, ohh please then tell me what hapend with u :)

But i think you will make an explosion there, be careful though
That would be a recipe for disaster. You would have an unstable explosive that was susceptable to shock and static electricity. It would be the proverbial "witches brew", and I would not advise you to put something like that together unless you have a death wish.
something cool.duh. Nitro Glycerin
You would become a candidate for the Darwin Awards.
Well I don't know chemistry but I do know gun powder is combustible and sulfuric and nitric acid and ammonium nitrate are ingredients in explosive I say and explosion but I don't know...
(Don't plan on finding out ether...)
make shaw that your life incurance is up to date before you do it and if you suvive tell us what happend to you.
nitric acid is a pure acid that smokes, if you add gun power make your will out first then get your grave dug. A friend had nitric in its pure form spill on him. There's no known antidote. his bones are softning and curling up till an agonizing death. The 2 mixed will creat a explosion.
Lancenigo di Villorba (TV), Italy

In the last middle of XVIII century and during the XIX's one, European States promoted the chemical researches of many chemists about "GunPowder". In French's Kingdom, in later times in Jacobin's French Republic, they were known as "Saltpetrieres". DO YOU WANNA BE ONE AMONG THOSE?

I thought the events depends on concentrations of two acidic stuffs (e.g. sulphuric and nitric acids) you employed.
Dilute acidic stuffs dissolve "Saltpeter" fraction present in GunPowder, it dissolve also Ammonium Nitrate which you dosed in mixture ; I think not other may happens.
Very concentrated acidic stuffs form a Nitration Mixture. The latter may act only in Warm Conditions, thus it may converts "Sulphur" fraction present in GunPowder. Sulphur becomes in Sulphuric Acid, other amount one.
Meanwhile the warm solution, I think Gunpowder cannot explode in this wet surrounding, it is obvious!

I hope this helps you.
You are actually wetting the two potentially explosive chemicals, thus stopping them from exploding. There is nothing for the oxididising mixture of the two acids to oxidise except the C and S in the gunpowder, and it most certainly would not be an explosive reaction.

Mixing a whole lot of potentially dangerous chemicals in this case would probably produce no more than sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide, but since it sounds as if you are some way from knowing what you are doing, I would leave well alone.

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