How do you make up 100ml of 0.1M HCL?

0.1moles HCl/1000ml = .1M

MW HCl = 36.5 g/mole


xmoles = 0.01 moles = 0.01 mole*36.5g/moles=

0.365 g HCl

Take 0.365 g HCl and dissolve in 100 ml H20 to get 0.1M HCl
very very easy

First of all do u know what is 0.1M HCl??

well it is 0.1 moles of HCl in a litre
1 mole in 10 litres

1mol of HCl weighs (1 + 35.5) g = 36.5 grams

Now you need x grams of HCl in 100 ml
x/100 = 36.5/10000
x = 0.365 grams

so just add 0.365 grams of HCl to (100 - 0.365)grams of water

Calculate that one at least!
there are 2methodes for preparing this soulotion:first if u have solid HCl and secend if u have liquid one!
others had mentioned abt solid HCL but I wanna tell u the other:
if u had a more concentrated soulotion of HCl e.g. 1M HCl u should use a 10ml pipet and get 10 ml of 1M soulotion then pure it in a 100ml volumetric falsk, the emty area should be filled with pure water.
50 ml hcl and 50mlof water

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