What's the difference between magnesium hydroxide, magnesium chloride, and magnesium citrate?

Also, is one of these forms of magnesium utilized by the body any better than the other?

I would think that the best answer is "solubility". Magnesium hydroxide isn't very soluble at all, whereas the other two are.
The more soluble, the better it will be used by the body. My guess is that the citrate would fulfil that function best.
They are all salts of Mg, with different anions attached. Solubility increases as you go from OH>citrate>Cl. As far as the body is concerned most Mg(OH)2 > Mg(Cl)2 because of stomach acid(HCl). I think a more natural form of Mg in the form of Citrate would be better utilized because it is found in Citrus Fruits.

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