How do i concentrate hydrogen peroxide?

Like... Get it higher than 3%?

Distill it. Don't let it get on you. Will give extremely bad chemical burns. Don't let it hit any metal dust or rust or organics,--- will explosively decompose. Ask the Russians about the H2O2 that blew up in a torpedo and sunk a submarine.(the Kirsk) Pay your fire insurance and make sure it covers explosions (even if it is one you cause) This will be all acedemic if you are there but it will be a small comfort to others. (excellent advise on not making TAP--- sources describe it as 'tricky'--in other words, 'good luck') You may now be in a data base.
go to the drug store and buy some 30% hydrogen peroxide. it's used for hair bleaching.

Don't mess with this **** by concentrating it (perhaps by distilling off some water). it can be hardcore dangerous stuff if you don't take proper precautions.

An don't get some stupid idea like mixing it with acetone to make TAP, because in all probability you will kill yourself.

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