Chemistry Word Equations to be solved?

I am confused? Could someone please solve these for me. Thanks :)

Calium Carbonate = _______ + _________ + ________ ________
Calcium oxide + water = ______ _________

CaCO3 ---> CO2 + CaO

Calcium carbonate decomposes into carbon dioxide and calcium oxide

CaO + H2O ---> Ca(OH)2

A metal oxide + water = a metal hydroxide

Hope this helps! Sorry if I made any mistakes
Example One:
Product of Decomposition (CO2 is always released)
CaCO3 (Heat) = CaO + CO2 (Upward arrow)
Always write CO2 at the end so that you can add the upward arrow. It is possible to have more than two end products at the right side of the equation, especially, in the degradation of organic compounds (Biochemistry).
Example Two:
Product of a Chemical Reaction (Always write the formula of water as HOH so that you can easily discern the negative valence of the OH (hydroxyl) radical.
CaO + HOH = Ca(OH)2
Memorize these two examples and you will be able to apply them to all other similar reactions.
Good luck.
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