Bromine and chlorine radicals?

Please Explain, in detail, why a bromine radical is more selective than a chlorine radical during abstraction of a hydrogen on a hydocarbon


i will explain u ...

There is always a confusion between chlore and bromine...


here are the facts.....

Reactivity = Chlorine > Bromine
Selectivity = Chlorine < Bromine

The selectivity of Chlorine is less than that of bromine due to the following reasons - :

1) Its mainly because of stability of Bromide radical..The size of the bromide radical is larger than Chloride ,bromide radical attacks are much effective

so, abstraction rate is

tertiary Hydrogen > secondary hydrogen > Primary hydrogen

2)Always remember...

Selectivity is opposite (inverse of reactivity )


Hope this is the best answer...
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there are many reasons but mainreason is the size. bromine radical being larger in size with more electrons cannot attack as fast as chlorine radicals. hence it attacks on more selective regions then the chlorine radicals does

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