Is pch full of crap? are you giving us poor people false hope?

i have entered pch contest before, never any luck!! what is the deal? why give us false hope,

I too have entered the contest before and all it looks like is a way for them to sell you magazine subscriptions and send you on a wild goose chase by sending you letters stating that you are almost a winner all you need to do now is send for free samples of stuff you don't need.
Are you kidding? PCH is the biggest scam of all. They've been fined for mail fraud, but not shut down. Now, they are running it on the internet. They do it because there will always be people who believe you can get something for nothing. All the ads you see on television are paid performers.
I think they are full of crap. Ever notice in the commericals, it is always "rich" looking people who win that so called stuff...Big time scammers.
But oh, they want you to order their junk so they can stay in buisness!
I saw a program about it not being true. They just want to get information from you for marketing purposes. And yes, to sell you magazines too.
I know what you mean? To more fully explain your question you should spell out what PCH stands for? Which is Publishers Clearing House - I know I have been entered , besides entering myself many times to no result or the result I was looking for? A few years ago some elderly people sued PCH for false advertising and were awarded some money based on there input? PCH also changed there means of advertising by indicating no purchase was necessary? Yes they are very strong on there follow up literature in suggesting you are or maybe the next grand prize winner? Good luck my fellow participant?
Don't take any chances. Spend all you're money on state lottery tickets. That is YOUR best path to riches, I'm sure.

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