2.What motivates politicians to impose tariffs, quotas, and other trade restriction?

1. To protect home industries from competition because the home industries will lay off people and create a headache for the goverment at times.

2. To protect cronies from competition, and also skim profits off foriegn investors.

3. A leaders may impose captial controls when hot money, or funny money enters the market for one purpose to make a quick profit not really make investment into the country.

4. Election time is coming for a poltican gotta protect the poor farmers to keep thier job.

5. America never praticed capitalism like the textbook claim back in the early 20th century certian industries had the goverment put up traiffs of 400% to protect the industry from competition and politcains load thier pockets of cash.
1 - tax revenue

2 - protection for home country industries or farms

3 - retalliation for tarrifs imposed by other countries on products they produce
lobbyist filling their pockets, god i cant wait to be a politician!

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