Advantages and disadvantages: parallel and series circuits?

advantages and disadvantages of series and parallel circuits...

pls. list some.. i need it today...


Circuits that require the same voltage are best connected in parallel as the same voltage is applied to all devices. The advantage is that if a device fails the rest of the devices in a circuit still operate. The disadvantage is that the failure may go undetected since the circuit is still operable and may be hazardous. Circuits that require the same current flow are connected in series so that the same amount of current is going through all the devices. These series circuits are used primarily for motor control devices and some specialty lighting. The advantage is that a single control device can control all the devices. The disadvantage is that if one device fails then the entire circuit normally fails.
Depends on the application. For house wiring, parallel is necessary; all equipments are designed to run on a particular voltage, which must be available whether or not any other equipment is being operated. For decorative lighting, especially with small bulbs, series is common, as it is easier to make such bulbs to run on low voltage. Means need to be provided to continue to carry current if such a bulb fails; they have a shorting arrangement that turns the bulb into a short circuit if the filament breaks. A fuse is necessary to interrupt the circuit if all the bulbs should fail.

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