Does anyone know if 110-volt appliances use more electricity than 220-volt ones?

I would say that the 110v appliance would use more energy than the equivalent 220v one. This would be due to the fact that the current in the 110v appliance would be twice that of the 220v one. Energy loss in the system is equal to the current squared times the resistance, so the efficiency of the 110v appliance would be less.
Short answer is no.
110 is a normal outlet in the house (one hot lead 110V)
220 is for larger applianced stoves and dryers (two hot leads 220V)
Compare how many watts or amps
the appliance uses compared to 220 volt ones

then you will know

The more amps or watts the more it uses
No they don't. Less amprage uses the same amount of power because it distributes it over 2 power lines instead of one.
"More electricity" is a subjective term in this case. Just because a device operates on 220 volts does not necessarily mean that it uses more electricity. Current draw (amps) indicates the amount of electricity being used. The more current a device uses, the more electricity it is using.

The subjective part is that in real life, devices that typically draw a lot of current (ie. ovens, electric heaters, laundry dryers) are usually designed to operate at 220V because it is more efficient. So in real-life 220V appliances often do use more electricity than 110V ones but if you had a choice between a 110V air conditioner and a 220V air conditioner that draw approximately the same current, the 220V one is more efficient and more powerful.
No, the energy consumption depends on the watts.
Jairarod is correct, it depends on the wattage. If you have 2 TVs and both is labelled 200W then that is the consumption for them, although the TV operating on the 110V/120V circuit will draw more amps. I=P/V
200/110 = 1.8A (For 110V circuit)
200/220 = 0.9A (For 220V circuit)

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