What best engineering course for undergraduates?

if you are interested in---
buildings/roads goto Construction Eng
computer/software goto Computer Eng
electric/electronic goto Electrical Eng
robotics/automation goto Electrical+Mechanical Eng(Instrument Eng or Mechatronics)
automobile goto Mechanical Eng
etc etc.
first make sure that you are interested in practical things and not science theories otherwise choose the Bachelor of Science and major of your choice.
i think engineering in physics is good &tough
mech eee ece cs it are common easy
computer science from job point of view while electronics and communication is rated overall best. this is a general view and individual choice may vary.
Electronics,Computer Sciences , Electrical ,Automation and Mechanical.
i think for d present era .IT and COMPS would be d best coz .it has a gr8 scope in future..n as it is .if u see even d electronic n telecommunication students r doing software work...
but it would be better if u go by ur interest...even im confused of goin for comps or it ...or..ny other engg course
Presently CSE (Computer Science) is ranking at first.
ECE is ranking at second...
ISE s ranking at third...
CSE and ISE have many job opprtunities at present and many mor job rquirements are there for 2008.
So All the Best.
There is no single course which is best for any under graduate. It depends on the interest and need of the candidate pursuing the course.

Everybody is equally talented, but the essence lies in the ability to bring it to your character. Once you are able to exploit your talent your question is solved. The answer need not be within this frame.

But when it comes to the need of the candidate, then every graduate course pays all your bucks back, it all depends the way you achieve it.
Mechanical Engineering is the best course for undergraduates.......
because this is basic branch and challenging branch
here u will learn basics of every branch such as
C & C++ from computer & i.t.
Control System from electronics
and lot more

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