How could you set up a lawn mower engine to run on compressed air? Any ideas.?

I have a Briggs & Stratton one cylinder engine, I want it to run from compressed air. so i took out the spark plug and a blast of air forces the piston down. What do I need to do to get it to recipricate back up? Any Ideas?

I don't think you understand the physics behind an internal combustion engine.

You would need to "pulse" in compressed air - extremely high pressure compressed air that is - to move the piston down with enough force to make the crankshaft spin enough to bring the piston up.

The air in an engine is usually compressed about 8 to 10 times *before* the fuel is ignited. So thats 150psi *before* it goes *BANG* end releases the energy.

Stop wasting your time. Put the spark-plug back in and run in on petrol.
Put the spark-plug back in. Remove the intake, carburetor and gas system. Connect your air compressor hose to the intake port of the engine. Turn on the air pressure. If the engine doesn't start running, give the start cord a pull. The valves inside the engine will take care of the rest.
im not trying to mow the lawn here just se it run, thanks zeb, and you can get 150 PSI easily, its just a backyard project. Waste of time was a little mean |:(

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