Four 9-volt batteries are connected in parallel. how much voltage is active across the circut?

I have home work and I need help from someone to answer for me this question____is it volts___B9vlots_C.18volts__D.3... someone HELP:(

9 Volts.

Hooking them up parallel does not increase the voltage, only the current. For a practical application of this problem, check out the link below.
In parallel circuits, all the positives are tied together and becomes the positive of the total circuit. Same for negatives.

The voltage hence doesn't change, and you should never connect batteries with different voltages (hence different levels of usage/ different types) directly in parallel.

The advantage: This nine volt "battery pack" can supply more power thana single nine volt battery.
Since all of them are connected in parallel the total voltage across them will be 9 Volts.(If all polarities are connected properly)
9 volts 4 times the current
9 volts and one time of the current
The batteries in parallel will only increase available current (amps), the voltage will remain at 9V.
B9 volts. For equel volt batteries connected in parallel, the voltage remains same, however the capacity in terms of amperehours gets added.

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