I have just cleared my 12th with 35% and want to do engineering in automobile are their any chances?

sorry yaar to disappoint u but i dont think so that engg. will be prove good career for u as its seems from ur % that u r not so good in studies and the fact is that in present time engg. institutes demands 8o% 95% so in comparison of their demand ur % is very low . but anyways if u want to make career in automobile engg. so just work hard do ur best u'll definitely achieve ur aim. "best of luck"
Yes. There are chances even now. If you are ready to pay, you can get admission in private colleges through management quota.
No, try something else.
there might b chances but i m not sure..as per i know minimum eligibility for engineering is 45%.,anyways i too cleared my 12th and scored 47% in pcm...i m struggling with my marks anyways nothing can b done..we have to pay a lot to get seat...anyways all the best...

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