Wainscoting advantages?

Tell me all you know about wainscoting

Each panel of wainscoting about is 5/8 inch thick, 32 inches high and 48 inches long. It is also possible to cut the height down (Ex. for under windows) or if you desire a higher panel, the wainscoting can be raised off the floor by the desired amount. The space left at the bottom can then be covered with an adequately sized baseboard. You can also give more height by using wider mouldings at the top. wainscoting was designed for the do-it-yourselfer. Installation is not strenuous, however time spent on a scale drawing of your panel layout may be the most important step to insuring professional results. The installation guide shows two methods to altering panel size. Filler strips can be used to add length to panels. If panels need to be shortened horizontally or vertically, strips can be cut from the middle of the raised panel portion (horizontally or vertically as required). For added strength cut your own biscuit slots. Seamlessness is acquired by using biscuits, glue, sanding, spackling and painting like any other joint (again shown in the 'How to Install' brochure). By using this method the raised panel portion is smaller but it remains complete and enclosed. This is not feasible with a mass produced product due to the differing angles however by offering a custom job service, individualized panels can be made. Other unique designs can be created to suit individual decors that are not met by our current existing catalogue of patterns. Our wainscoting comes paint grade only; we do not use veneers. Staining is not recommended, as the joints need to be hidden by a non-transparent coating. Use of faux finishes allows a wide variety of natural looking or exotic finishes. wainscoting in bathrooms is OK as long as the wainscoting does not contact standing water. We recommend sealing the backs and especially the bottom edge before installation. As a further precaution install the paneling at least ½" above the floor and use a non-MDF baseboard. There has been substantial interest in our product in the United States, however at present there are no dealers carrying the product. Home Depot is planning on expanding our product into their stores in the near future and negotiations are currently under way with a national distributor who will bring Stinson wainscoting to all major American markets.
They used that to protect the plaster walls from getting banged up by chairs and tables ect. It looks old fashioned and blunt. The opposite of current styles of streamlining and 'less is more' ect. It also costs more now, as wood moldings are more expensive than sheet plaster materials. Plus the paint dulls. It's just not clean, slim and modern looking by todays standards.
There are a lot of wainscoting advantages.
The wainscoting advantages can be divided into 2 parts:
first, protection wainscoting advantages and interior wainscoting advantages. You can read more about wainscoting on wainscoting informational site
I know that bathroom wainscoting has a lot of advantages.
My girlfriend uses wainscoting in her bathroom and it looks pretty good.

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