How can i get a suction pipe out of a water well that fell all the way down while putting on a new pump?

the suction pipe that goes inside the casing has fallen down to the bottom of the well its about 108 ft and we dont know how to fish it out if anyone has any suggestions please send them my way.

Interesting problem!

If the suction pipe still has the elbow attached to the top.go to the store, and get a 3 long lengths of rope (I know you can find boat rope in 100 foot lengths). Tie them end to end . This gives you 300 feet of rope.

Now, fold the rope in half (leaving 150 feet of length, two peices, DONT CUT IT)

Tie one of the free ends to the handle of a 5 gallon bucket (3 gallon would work just as well) using a secure knot such as a square knot, etc. Take the other free end of the rope and put it under the bucket handle, and over the bucket itself. Leave about 5 feet of slack, and fashion the rope to itself using a taut line hitch:
This will leave you with a big 5 foot opening to try to get the pipe end through. Put about 3 bricks (or fill halfway with water) in the bottom of the bucket.

Lower the bucket down with the end you square knotted to the bucket, being careful not to put any tension on the other side. You may want a friend to help.

Once it is down by the pipe, try to get the pipe to go inbetween the 5 foot hole you made with the rope (lasso it, if you will). If you can manage to do this, the bucket with the bricks in it should provide enough counterweight for you to pull the rope tight with the pipe inside of it. Then pull the pipe up.

If that doesnt work, call your nearest skinny friend who doesnt mind repelling down a well :-)
thread a wire-noose thru a thin pipe and lower this pipe with protruding noose [make it just slightly larger than the suction-pipe-end] over the pipe-end ... tighten the noose and then raise the thin pipe so that the suction-pipe will follow.

you didn't mention visibility issues or diameters ... ... if "grip" becomes a problem, you might layer on some epoxy and let it dry after fitting the noose.
Make what is called a spud. Get a metal pipe that will fit inside your casing. Use a church key (old beer can opener) and make as many punches around it as you can. Starting shallow so the old pipe will go in, and get deeper as you go up until they are closer than your downed pipe is in size. This should be a taper of barbs inside the pipe you punched with the church key. Smaller at the opening to almost touching at the top.

Attach a good rope to the top of your home made spud. Loop your rope so it will belay rapidly without wrapping or getting caught on something. A lasso like hold is great!

Drop this pipe down your casing as fast as it will sink. You may have to0 do this several times so don't give up. The object is for the pipe you made and dropped will go over the downed pipe, impale it, and firmly attach it to the inside of your spud.

If you do grab it with the spud, bring it up slowly and gently, least it will come loose and fall back down. This will lead to much cursing and anger.

It's kinda like fishing with a grappling hook. If you get it on it will be heavier.

Good luck, and good fishin!
The illustration figure 7 on page 3 of the reference shows tools the ancient chinese used, and you should be able to make cheaply. Basically, you either spear the pipe on the inside or grab it from the outside with jaws or a finger-trap arrangement. You would make jaws from sheet metal, about food-can thickness.
it is simple method, if you have device like drum lifting one kind of lifting device it can hold and expand during lifting operation., can be used to lift it off,,, in case it is steel pipe the you can use magnet too...

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