What does the g stand for in welding terms i.e 6g, 9g, and 11g?

i want 2 find out what the g stands for in welding terms, when people are coded welders? these terms are used quite alot in shipbuilding and high profile jobs mining machinary e.t.c


In welding terms 'G' means Gauge abbreviated from the term swg or Standard Wire Gauge, or thickness of the welding rod to be used for a specific job.

The gauge thickness is readily convertible to both imperial and metric sizes but one particular Gauge is an easy conversion - 16 swg (g) is 1.6 mm or 1/16 inch.

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just a guess but from looking at your question and they way you have it typed I would assume something like grams maybe? a weight reflectively...
5 gs metal, 6 gs wood, green, purple, blue and 2 POINTS sorry i dont have the sloghtesst nonsense
it's nothing to being coded as i am , it is the thickness of the weiding rod's , wire , etc
Normally it would stand for grams. However in sheet welding terms I'm not sure if it does. It may instead refer to shear modulus, which you can see here:
6G is a position for welding pipe or box tubing. It is a position with the center line of the pipe at a 45 degree angle. Most commonly seen when testing. It replaces two tests with one when testing for "all position" qualification.
6G refers to the postion welded usaly pipe.
The g stands for the position that the pipe is in relation to the welder. So that different g classification refers to a pipe laid horizontal, vertical, at an angle etc. 6g is classified to be the most difficult position to be wleding in, so If you are a coded to 6g, it means that you can weld in pretty much any position and have your weld passed.
The "G" stands for the position of the butt as it is being welded.
Flat 1G
Horizontal 2G
Vertical Upwards Progression 3G
Vertical Downwards Progression 3G
Overhead 4G
Pipe Fixed Horizontal 5G
Pipe Fixed @ 45 degrees Upwards 6G
Pipe Fixed @ 45 degrees Downwards 6G
It means Gauge as in the Gauge (thickness) of a metal
The letter g stands for the position of material to be welded,there is also an asme9,welding test,for coded welders which when passed gives you a certificate to weld pressure vessels insured by loyds of london.

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