How many bends are allowed in a half-inch emt conduit run?

The rules for half inch emt and all other sizes.

The National Electric Code (NEC) states that between pull points (such as a run that connects two boxes) may not have more than 4 quarter bends or the equivalent to 4 quarter bends.
But what does that mean?
Well 4 quarter bends is 360 degrees. you can have 8 45 degree bends in a run between boxes or 6 30 degree bends and so on.

It doesn't matter how many fittings are in the run between pulling points, all that matters is the degrees total in that run between two "pulling points"

for example: in a 30 foot horizontal run between 2 outlets you can have 1 quarter down, 1 45 right, 1 45 up and 2 more 45s right and still be 90 degrees shy of your limit.
oh 270 or 300.
You literally can not pull wire through 360 but even less becomes a difficult pull depending on how many ckts you are pulling in. Best never to go over 270 . If you need more than than, put in pull boxes.
On the rare occasion you find some pea brain has put in 360 or more (not pull-able) use a cordless recip saw to cut a spot for a pull box about midway in the run.
you are allowed 360 degrees but not less than 4 bends( NEC) National electrical code. diamiter of pipe does not matter.
Please be nice to the guys that have to pull the wire in. Design the system with as few bends as possible. They really like straight shots. If they have to pull wires through a conduit with three 90 degree bends, they load up the wire with as much "rhino snot" as they can, and then pull as hard as they can. Then you just have to hope they didn't break any wires or conduit doing it.

If you have to put bends in, make them large diameter.

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