Can anybody give me a circuit diagram of a led flashlight?

I wanna make a led flashlight with 15 leds and only one power source and switch.

This article discusses how to design a flashlight with circuit design:
That first reference has a great circuit. It is much more efficient thatn I would have comeup with since mine would have been much more brute force.

One solution that uses a simpler circuit is seen in the commercial flashlights that use a pickup coil with a strong magnet that slides through the coil when you shake the flashlight. The generated power is stored in a small capacitor and will power the LEDs after not much shaking. It is not terribly efficient but as long as it is shaken periodically will give the equivalent of infinite battery life.
The first anwerer nailed it. If you want to drive 15 LED's, you'll have to improve upon that design, by increasing the output power to accomodate for 15 LED's, or build 2 of those circuits and put them in parallel.

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