Differences between clipping and clamping circuits?

Clipping circuits are used to clip away an unwanted portion of the waveform, clamping circuits are used to vary the dc level... hey, wait a sec, are you serious on getting an answer?
clipping circuits vary the waveform of an original signal by removing/clipping signals at a specifed level which is dependent on the type of circuit used. they are also known as waveshaping circuits. clamping circuits vary the dc level of the signal because as we know, the ac signal rides on the dc signal. they put the original signal in either the positive or negative value. diodes are usually used in this waveshaping devices.
Clipping is the process of making the output voltage constant after a certain voltage level. It is a device designed to prevent the output of a circuit from exceeding a paticular voltage level without distorting the remaining part of the applied waveform.
Clamping is the process of adding a certain amount of dc throughtout the ac waveform. The result is a sinusoidal waveform that is shifted from the symmetric position about the x-axis to a different dc level.
Both clipping and clamping circuits use the advantages of the unidirectional property of a diode. A basic clipper circuit requires resistors, diodes, and voltage sources to determine the level of clipping. A basic clamping circuit diodes, resistors and capacitors. The capacitor stores the dc factor of the input ac and acts as a dc source for the clamper.

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