What is the equivalent of 1 tonner of aircon to watts?

One ton=12000btu/hr=12000*0.293=35... watts
Two points: to my best knowledge, there is not a directly equivalent between tons of air conditioning and wattage. It depends on the equipment and its manufacturer. But, there is a coarse and very general, at standard conditions, guide:

1/2 Tons A/C, 120 VAC@ 7 AMP = 1400 Watts.
1 Ton A/C, 120 VAC@ 12 AMP = 2200 Watts.

2.-The fact is the tons of A/C equal to BTU's. BTU's are work, energy. Watts are power, this is, Watts are already related with time.

If you know the rate at which that energy is moving:

I ton A/C = 12 000 BTU's.

I BTU/sec = 1055.1 Watts.

Hope not worsen the things.


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