How do you reconnect an electric meter?

Even if you know how to reconnect it safely, you can probably be charged with theft if you reconnect it without authorization. Whatever the reason it was disconnected, the electric company may want to inspect or test the connected wiring to be sure it is suitable condition to be reconnected. You will not likely be authorized to connect it yourself. Likely only electric company personnel or a licensed electrician would be authorized.
Pay the bill. Please do not try to do this yourself. You could be electrocuted!
electric meter is use to measure wattage
voltage coil of the meter is connected across the line
current coil of the meter is connected where the current flow
You call your electric company and either pay the bill if it was disconnected for that reason or find out why it was disconnected. DO NOT do it yourself. That is illegal, dangerous, and STUPID!
If you can get by without doing this it is best to. but, if you aren't going to be able to get the power co. to reconnect it for you soon for whatever reason then here's how to do it.
1. clip plastic tag on meter box cover
2. remove meter box cover you will have to examine your meter and see what type it is. there will be some place for the actual meter to plug into the meter box connecting your meter to the main power line coming into your home. some meters just plug right in and some have a handle off to the side that when placed in one position put connecters into receptors that make the connection. Anyway, there will most likely be plastic slip covers over the meter plugs and the receptors. all you have to do is remove the covers and plug the meter back in. In some cases they will put a type of grease on the plugs/connectors and receptors that prevents conductance. In that case you will have to take long q-tips and clean it off and then reconnect meter. If your meter itself does not unplug then turn the handle on side to opposite position causing it to engage meter.MAKE SURE THAT WHEN YOU REMOVE SLIP COVERS OR WHATEVER IS PREVENTING YOUR METER FROM RUNNING THAT THE METER IS DISENGAGED AND NO CONNECTION IS BEING MADE! I also strongly urge you to make whatever payments you can to get your power back on legitimately. Look into what social service programs are out there to help people with energy bills. Because eventually the power co. will find out you're meter is reconnected and will not be happy about it. They will probably have someone come out and disconnect you at the pole which is virtually impossible for you to reconnect. But if you must do this to get by in the mean time BE VERY CAREFUL!

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