Are you able to build sphere made from polarised magnets and constructed to have one pole outside?

Second pole must be directed to its core and poles must be close… Two strong mechanical arms will be needed to conect magnets cos the same poles will repel each other and invertial will attract… The spehere must keep proper balance of weight and its magentic pole forced by mechanical conection of magnets… It must be heavy but the strength of magnetic field must be also appropriate…Its second hint of anty-gravity secret I am giving away… and I want to know if you understand and are able to make it… It’s a part of complicated mechanism… Sorry… no chance to make it more simple by me weak head... This secret needs more than power of one man...

very interesting concept. it got me researching. found this article that is one person's answer.
due to the process by which magnets are. magnetized, i do not believe it is possible to have a magnet with poles in any other arrangement aside from north-bottom south-top (or vice-versa)
'Magnetic monopoles' would violate Maxwells Equations (which have been shown both theoretically and experimentally to be correct)


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