Which is better, a CVT or an Isolation transformer ?

For the protection of a telephone exchange, from voltage transient, spikes etc, which is more useful and applicable, an Isolation transformer or a constant voltage transformer (C.V.T.) ?

A CVT is more sophisticated than a isolation transformer. An isolation transformer helps to protect the devices, but a CVT will "buck or boost" line voltages to maintain a more stable and filtered voltage.
neither is designed to handle transients and spikes. the isolation transformer allows the plant ground to be isolated from the electrical ground, which is not necessarily a good idea, unless powerline buzz is excessive in the audio lines. it is just a 1:1 transformer and as such passes on the wave form of the incoming power line, complete with glitches and such, with a small degree of bandwidth reduction. A CVT is a ferro-resonate device which helps smooth out powerline rms voltage fluctuations by changing the waveform of the incoming voltage from a pure sinewave. it also will pass short term glitches and spikes, sometimes emphasizing them by expanding their duration period by changing a one-cycle event to a ringing overload. The best surpressors are made from "transorb" type elements and are available in standard commercial packages that attach to the incoming service connection. you will need a good ground for maximum effectiveness. if the transorb fires it will pop its accompanying fuse, so regular maintenance is mandatory for continued protection.
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